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That’s it, we will send you cashback from each purchase in the crypto of your choice.

Our mission is to open crypto to everyone

During Phase I of our initiative, our goal is to help increase the number of crypto users globally.

By issuing crypto in the form of a rebate, we relieve the financial and technical pressure associated with crypto investing today.

This offers new entrants an opportunity to enter the space with a mindset that lets them freely explore the developing technologies and ecosystems.

Ultimately, we aim to increase the consumer and business participants in crypto by leveraging existing business models, behaviors and networks, while educating new entrants about the rapidly emerging new economy enabled by cryptocurrencies and distributed ledger technologies.

Learn more about Coinbates and our growth initiative in our Mission statement.

Introducing our membership and access token:

The BATES token unlocks the value of the Coinbates platform to both Consumers and Businesses.

Consumers: Get more crypto cashback

Spend BATES on upgraded memberships and get more crypto cashback every time you shop.

Businesses: Reach new customers

Target a captivated and growing audience of a new class of consumer: crypto holders and spenders.

Spend and burn token economics

Up to 80% of all BATES spent annually by consumers and businesses within Coinbates will be permanently taken out of circulation from the token’s fixed supply.


Here’s what to expect from us into the beginning of next year. See our whitepaper for more information.

Team formed

The core team is assembled, Phase I platform is architected.

Beta product

A beta version of the Coinbates crypto cashback product is released.

Onboard more merchants

We will constantly be working to increase the selection of brands and retailers that support crypto cash back in our merchant catalog.

Onboard more crypto ecosystem partners

Our business development team will be actively engaging with other organizations in the crypto ecosystem for sponsored integrations into Coinbates

Support more assets for crypto cashback

We want to support as many tokens and coins for crypto cashback as possible, but only quality tokens and coins. We will announce new asset integrations periodically.

Start mainstream marketing campaign

With at least 100 integrated merchants, we will begin deep and extensive digital marketing to the U.S. e-commerce demographic.

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Our growing team of crypto-enthusiasts consists of professionals with valuable experience spanning across the entire spectrum of skill sets necessary to scale and operate digital enterprises.

Omar Chowdhury
Luke Star
Tech Lead
Tahmina Farhana
Design Lead
Robert Anderson
Marketing Lead
Josh Montoya
Systems Engineer
Aniqa Chowdhury
Community Lead
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